PersonaHolidays Travel Planning Software is Helping to Make Holidays Truly Personal

We are delighted to be involved with the PersonaHolidays Start-up Campaign. It is actually well pasted start-up and the team is moving steady ahead and not trying to do too much. HHR is assisting with video marketing and we look forward to producing many hundred video reviews for a lot of Persona Hotels. Already the company is in discussion with small to mid sized hotel and resort chains, and teamed up with Seeka Metasearch and hotel marketing with over 10,000 client hotels.

Personaholidays is a truly Personal and highly customized travel planning and vacation booking system. It learns about travelers unique character and matches them up with hotels and resorts of the same personality. With its intensive filtering and matching it cuts out the endless frustration travelers experience when searching for and booking the perfect holiday. It does that by filtering out  hotels and  resort properties that don’t complement the travelers persona.

Travel dont want more choice

Persona Holidays’ Intelligent solution reviews visitors and produces a personal profile which is matched to hotels of similar style. It helps travellers find holiday accommodations and vacation alternatives by persona and proposes the optimal fit according to individual specific user traits. PhocusWright  research confirms  that holiday browsers do not need additional selection, they want to have a unique suggestion. Which is precisely what PersonaHolidays generates. It’s the worlds primary Individual Recommendation engine and Vacation planner

Filtering out all that is not a personal fit

With PersonaHolidays recommendation engine travelers can look for and choose hotels and adventure alternatives that unequivocally fit their private needs and wants. Here in this case holidayers can go to and choose options. The system instantly interacts with every choice and establishes a personality profile of the visitor. The vacation profile is paired with accommodations that are similarly classified by persona and instantly displays the end results. As travelers select alternatives their profile is changed and the range of choices modifies.

Intelligent systems that analyze and predict

The software learns from each traveller and systematically updates its algorithm.  This personalization process harnesses the power of predictive technology, programmatic learning and AI to glean travelers needs and intent from nuanced choices. This is what goes into making a personal holiday recommendation.

The object is to create just a few extremely targeted alternatives. Tourism Travel Recommendation engines are not new but Personaholidays is the first such AI software to build in leading psychology research into holiday planning. The concept is is an excellent choice for many of the large hospitality brands. PersonaHolidays personal vacation planer and Recommendation Engine is also for tourism destinations, hotel and tourism associations, and marketing companies: Who want to attract more prospects, engage more and convert more bookings using the latest behavior analysis, AI and personality matching technology.

Finding the perfect hotel or vacation plan usually is highly frustrating as we have learned. One of the unique functionalities of this technology is the ability to filter through tons of over-burdening choices and provide a few tailor-made, highly personal travel recommendations.

Leading hotels and resorts’ vacation brands can also benefit from this innovation. For example, Marriott International has a worldwide list of vacation rentals. Hotel brands’ own or private-label holiday brands (e.g. Hyatt Vacations) are also a natural fit for this program. Personalization and customized resort recommendations based on individual preferences are extremely important to  this segment.

Independent hotels love the solution as it helps build their distinct brand persona and attract the ideal visitor. A case in point is Port Ferdinand luxury Villa Resort and Marina in Barbados. It supplies a top-class holiday vacation experience which is presented in the following video animation of a guest review. Review Video Animation is one of the unique option through which PersonaHolidays promotes its member hospitality and tourism affiliates.


Port Ferdinand Animated Testimonial Video

Here is an example of PersonaHolidays animated resort reviews. This one is of Port Ferdinand deluxe marina resort in Barbados.

The Video is an animation of the a 5 Star review by Miss Trave. Miss Trave included the TripAdvsor review writing that their holiday was truly terrific. She talked about specifics of the service, the warmth welcome and the exceptional water taxi ride all around St Peter’s Bay Barbados. The marina, she says, “with its international yachts and beautiful Mediterranean architecture had the feel of Venice.”

Trave also complimented the airport VIP welcome and the personalized help to expedite the family through immigration and customs and onto the resort. The animated video illustrates a small part of what TripAdvisor says. Trave left a very in-depth statement of the exceptional service and astonishing villas!

TripAdvisor on Steroids TripAdvisor on Steroids

“It’s TripAdvisor on steroids” says Ian R Clayton, CEO of Persona Holidays. “We bring personality to the forefront in presenting the distinctive travel brands we represent.” says Clayton. “PersonaHolidays, is all about personalizing the travel brand. We use psychological analysis based on Myer Briggs and the Fascination Advantage of Sally Hogshead personal branding. Both are integrated into our Artificial Intelligent persona engine creating our very own Holiday -Personas for both the traveller, the hotel and tourism operator.”


Unique Personal Solution for a Global Market

Gauged by the very positive reviews it appears to be working brilliantly well with most visitors saying the categorization is right on. It is unique and totally unlike traditional booking system and vacation planning solutions that do not truly provide personal recommendations and overload travelers with too many choices that are not personal.

See Detail in the PersonaHolidays Press Deck

Slideshare Media Kit.



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